Special interest Walks
Fiscalini Ranch Preserve

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Birdwatching is always great..190 Species have been observed on the Ranch.

Download Jim Royer's bird list.

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Cambria’s Pine Trees on the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve
Saturday, September 9, 2017

Come walk with, Kim Corella, Forest Health Specialist for Cal Fire, and Alan Peters, unit Forester for Cal fire.

They are research experts studying the health of the Fiscalini Forest and will report on its current health. They will give an update on our test plot program.

Reservations required:
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The Structure and Function of the Forest and Intertidal Zone of Fiscalini Ranch Preserve
Saturday, October 14, 2017
Did you ever wonder what is going on in the Forest? (The Machinery of Nature.)
Why do we have a Mediterranean climate here? How does that effects our lives?
What are the water and nutrient cycles and what that means for our forest and us?
What were some of the species important to the Chumash?
Who are the producers and consumers in the intertidal zone?
What is the life cycle of the Pines radiate?

Join John Menke , a instructor at the Coastal Institute and also a docent at the Discovery Center,.who will reveal the answers to us as in an interesting way as we walk the forest loop trail.

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Looking for Monarchs
November 18, 2017

Join Jessica Griffiths as we walk our Fiscalini Ranch Preserve, in search of our Monarch Butterflies. We will walk to the site where the monarchs are clustered and Jessica will talk to us about Monarchs in general and our Monarchs in particular on the Preserve.
Please bring a lawn chair so you do not have to stand through the presentation.

Jessica Griffiths has been working as a field biologist for over 15 years. She grew up in Chicago, and received her undergraduate degree at Wellesley College outside of Boston. She first began working with monarchs as a biologist with Ventana Wildlife Society in Monterey County. She has been conducting monarch counts, collecting data, and training volunteers in monarch monitoring for over a decade. She received her Masters at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, where she studied overwintering monarch butterflies. She currently works as a biologist for Althouse & Meade, Inc.She will also be doing some work with Monarchs on our Ranch Preserve.

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The Mushrooms on the Ranch
Sunday January 7, 2018
Join Al Normandin for a Mushroom Identification walk on the Ranch. You are welcome to bring a few mushrooms for
Identification. This walk fills up early so make your reservations.

(No dogs allowed on this walk.)

Reservations required:
email for reservations

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Sunday, February 11, 2018
1:30 - 3:30 pm
Weather Walk and Talk on the Ranch
Bring your lawn chair and relax as local naturalist and weather enthusiast Al Normandin discusses our local climate.

We will first discuss why our climate ranks among the best in the world. Why our temperatures are so mild and why our rains are seasonal will be addressed. A comparison will be made of our climate with other places considered to have the best and worst climates in the world,.

Simple explanations of local weather terms such as cut-off lows, as well as Santa Ana and Sundowner winds will be covered.

After a short break to put away our chairs, we will walk the bluffs to see what flowers, birds, animals are out, as well as fielding continuing questions about our climate.

(No dogs allowed on this walk.)

Reservations required:
email for reservations