Fiscalini Ranch Preserve

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The Fiscalini Ranch Preserve, located in the center of Cambria, is a favorite Cambria visitor attraction for hiking, dog walking, and biking. It is open from dawn to dusk every day of the year.

The Friends of the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve are proud to present monthly free docent guided walks along the Bluff Trail and in the Monterey Pine forest by naturalists, geologists and historians.  

The walks are a great opportunity to study wildflowers, understand the ecosystem of the forest, see marine animals, and view native birds.

The trails offer spectacular views of the ocean and mountains. The Bluff Trail offers easy handicap access and there are more challenging trails through the Monterey Pine forest.
Otters, dolphins, and seals are frequently seen from the trails and whales are seen during their migratory season.

The entire population of grey whales (over 20,000) swim past Cambria twice a year. The best whale watching from the ranch is February through April. Grey whales are northbound from Mexico to Alaska. Mothers with calves travel last, staying closer to the shore and moving slowly, making this one of the best times to see them

Over 182 species of birds have been identified on the ranch. You can
download the bird list prepared by J. Royer.

One of the most popular docent walks is the mushroom identification walk.
This site, prepared by D. Krause, M. Brunschwiler, and D. Sheridan provides a list of mushrooms on the ranch with links to photos. You can download a list of only the common and scientific mushroom names for reference in hiking the ranch.

If you are willing to travel during these dry winters, you will find that Santa Cruz has more mushrooms. Visit ww.redwoodcoasttours.com/worldofmushrooms/

If you would like to identify a wildflower seen on the ranch, you can go to the
CalFlora.org website.

For more information of The Friends of the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve, visit
their website